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Help is on the way.


"Help is on the way"

"I heard your heart

I see your pain

Out in the dark

Out in the rain

Feel so alone

Feel so afraid

I heard you pray in Jesus' name

Sometimes it's days Sometimes it's years Some face a lifetime of falling tears But He's in the darkness He's in the cold Just like the morning, He always shows

It may be midnight or midday It's never early, never late He gon' stand by what He claim I've lived enough life to say

Help is on the way

Well I've seen my share of troubles

But the Lord ain't failed me yet

So I'm holding on to the promise y'all

That He's rolling up His sleeves again

Don't you know it

I can see him rolling

Help is coming."

Help is on the way

When you can't find your faith

Hold on

When you can't find your strength

Hold on

You might think that it's too late

Hold on

It's gonna be okay

Help is on the way.

Lyrics by Toby Mac

Father, we thank you for deep friendships. We thank you for the layers of trials and the perseverance that it endures in us. What a beautiful gift it is. We thank you for community and we pray that you continue to surround us and keep us in a circle of strong believers God so that we can spur each other on. I pray you continue to show your presence to us that you continue to remind us that you are for us. Help us to lead boldly, fearlessly, and with abandonment. I pray we strive for more dependency on your. I pray we continue to forgive and have a heart to serve you always. Help is on the way, you are coming God and we ask that you coming quickly! Send your revival. Come down and reign. Wash over us, cleans us, purify us. We praise you and thank you. In your name. Amen.


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