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Like a River


Mixed Media, 48x48

"Like a River" was a very patient piece. Some paintings can offer a struggle but this one was different. She was steady in calmness and had a strength about her that I was captivated by. She is beyond simple in how she speaks but has a depth to her that radiates vulnerability. I had her in the studio for months just staring at her because I felt like I was suppose to add more layers, more colors, more because this painting felt too easy. Each time I would be working I'd take her down to add and yet each time she spoke the completeness that she was exactly how she was designed to be. She's very different from most of my paintings and I think that's why I became so attached. She loves her simplistic depth and uniqueness. There is a free spirit to her that I am drawn to. She is a bold peacemaker and I find a lot of comfort in knowing her story.


48" X 48", MIXED MEDIA ON CANVAS, 2021

"Like a River" was inspired from many amazing places, people, symbols, shapes, colors, and memories. I never force a design even when having specific intentions or layouts. That is where my paintings have freedom and that is where I find their voice.

"Another reason going on by

Like a cloud in the sky

And like the world you went around

Knowing lifе goes up and down

It goes on

It goes on, on, on, on

Just like the river."


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